Quality Repairs. Gentle on Your Wallet.

Woodwind & Brass Repair Our woodwind & brass repair technicians have the experience and knowledge to handle even the most complicated repairs. NAPBIRT member lead repair technician Pete Roznowski has over 18 years of experience and supervises all repairs.

We’ll take the time to answer any questions you may have before, during and after the repair process. Please bring your instrument into the store if you’d like an estimate for your specific repair job. At your request, we’ll call you before proceeding with any repair work.

We serve over 60 school systems weekly. If you’re not able to make it into the store, we can pick up your student’s instrument and return it to the school after repair. Check our School Delivery Schedule to see when we’ll be at your school.

All instruments sold through our Rent-to-Own Program are covered by our Musical Instrument Protection (MIP) Plan unless you declined coverage at the time of the rental. Click here for more information about what repairs are covered at no charge under MIP. Please note that your account must be up to date in order for the instrument to qualify for an MIP-covered repair.

Fretted & String Instrument Setup & Repair

Our setup & repair techs have worked on the instruments of some of the biggest names in the music biz and are fine musicians themselves. They’ll work with you on setup and string selection to get the sound you want.

Repairs and setups are done first-come, first-served. If you need your instrument back by a certain time, we recommend that you call the store to make arrangements before bringing the instrument in.

Typical prices for restring jobs are listed below. Strings are included in all restring prices unless noted.

Standard Restring $20-$30; Elixirs or Coated Strings $10 additional

Electric Guitar Restring $20
Electric Bass Restring Call for price
Steel String Acoustic Restring $20
12-String Acoustic Restring $30
Classical Guitar Restring $30

Electronics (Amps, Mixers, Pianos, Sound Equipment, etc.)
All electronics repairs are outsourced. If you bought your equipment at Muncie Music Center, you’re welcome to bring the equipment to our store. We will coordinate with one of our repair vendors and communicate with you throughout the repair process. At your request, we can contact you with an estimate before any repair work is completed.

If you did not purchase your equipment through MMC, we ask that you contact one of our preferred vendors directly:

AMS Professional Sound, Muncie – Bob Breitung, Contact – (765) 288-1500
Spectrum Sound*, Indianapolis – (317) 923-7868
*Please be aware that repairs may take up to eight weeks if sent to Spectrum Sound through Muncie Music Center.